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Trespa TopLab Range

The TopLab product lines, ‘Base’ and ‘Plus’, are developed specifically for the most demanding functional and scientific applications and combine basic requirements like chemical resistance, high durability and long lasting hygiene with an attractive and timeless palette of inspiring colours.


Developed specifically for laboratory environments, Trespa TopLab+ delivers to the highest standard in chemical resistance, hygiene, strength and durability whilst still being eye catching with a range of decors and colours. Trespa combines cellulose fibres with phenolic resin under extreme pressure and temperature in order to meet the demands of the challenging laboratory environments. Trespa TopLab+ is used extensively where resistance to harsh chemicals are of high importance. Ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications including, chemical, analytical and micro-biological laboratories. Available in 16mm or 20mm thickness.


Trespa TopLab Base offers unrivalled performance in laboratories where chemical resistance is not crucial. It offers superb impact and moisture resistance remaining impervious to rot and mould. Trespa TopLab Base is a high pressure compact laminate (HPL) with a melamine surface, manufactured for longevity in demanding environments. The density of board does not allow for dirt and dust to be retained, with a smooth finish allowing for easy clean maintenance. Available in 16mm or 20mm thickness.

Laminate MDF

Laminate medium density fibreboard (MDF) work surfaces are hard wearing and resistant to abrasion. They incorporate a 2mm edge tape seal to guard the core material against water ingress. Suitable for many applications including ICT, DT, Food technology classrooms. Available in 20mm and 25mm thickness.


Epoxy resin is a premium solid surface material formulated to achieve optimal chemical resistance. Epoxy has superb strength and durability resulting in resistance to heat, moisture and abrasion. Worktops are cast in 15mm thick epoxy resin and available with multiple front edge profiles.


Velstone is a premium solid surface material manufactured using a unique blend of unsaturated polyester resin and acrylic resin that offers great mechanical strength and weathering resistance. Velstone is 100% non-porous product, which allows a seamless surface. Traditional solid surface laboratory tops are manufactured using 3-13 mm thick solid surface material bonded on 25mm thick MDF. Velstone has developed a solid 25mm thick product which does not need conventional fabrication or MDF support. These 25mm surfaces create a sterile work surface which is easy to care & maintain.


Hardwood has been the traditional choice for school laboratories and other educational applications. The key advantage for this is that they can easily be re-furbished by sanding off the top layer, and if maintained to a high standard the durable work surface is heat and solvent resistant.


Corian is a premium solid surface material formulated from 1/3 acrylic and 2/3 mineral filler, resulting in its strong and durable structure. It is a non-porous material which is naturally resistant to mould and bacteria. Corian is a 12mm thick solid surface bonded to a 25mm MDF frame leaving an overall thickness of 37mm.